Thursday, June 25, 2009

Win Some Japanese Kit Kats, Egg Molds & Other Goodies

Want some free stuff? I have too many Kit Kats, cans of Pringles, Japanese egg molds and other goodies that are taking up too much space in one of my cabinets and two drawers!

On May 15th Pass the Chopsticks turned one year old, and to celebrate I'm holding a contest.

In April I posted about a contest to help me clear out the cabinet above the microwave. It was called the Contest Idea Contest, and the winner's (Kelsey from Canada) idea was to write a Haiku about Kit Kats. A Haiku is a Japanese style poem and I explain it below.

Submit your Haiku (by leaving a comment in this post) within the next 15 days.

Contest begins as soon as this is posted and closes two weeks from today - that'll be July 10th at 10 am JST, July 9th at 9 pm EST.

Winner will be announced the evening of July 11th (JST), so those you in the U.S. will see it the morning of the 11th. Be sure to check back for updates and the winning Haiku!

The definition for Haiku for this contest is as follows:
An original poem of 17 syllables in 3 lines written in the format of
-line 1 in 5 syllables,
-line 2 in 7 syllables, and
-line 3 in 5 syllables

-Keep it clean/family friendly language

-Entrants can be world wide
-No limit on entries

*As an added bonus, I'm going to have a drawing on July 11th. The names in the pot will be my followers. Right now there are 95, so become a follower and you'll automatically be entered! You'll see the Followers gadget in the side bar on the right side of the page and can add yourself there.


MamaMia said...

Ok, these are dorky, but it was fun anyway.

Kit Kats are delish
Never require and dish
Taste way better than fish.

Kit Kats are so grand
Even from a far off land
My favorite brand.

Swell, huh. LOL

My3Ro's said...

Kit kats are the best
In my drawers there are no rest
Not so many is your test.

Anonymous said...

Kit Kats are yummy
Feels so good in my tummy
I'm eating some now


Kelsey from Canada said...

Katies Kit Kats RULE!!
Thinking of them makes me drool.
I need to eat more.

I already won some treats from Katie so this entry is just for fun and a tribute to Katie's yummy Kit Kats!!

Sandy said...

I totally suck at haiku, but I really want more KitKats so here goes. LOL

What flavor today?
Crunchy goodness every one.
Kit Kats from Japan!

Leslie said...

Kit Kats I Crave
Anytime everyday
I want some today

Anonymous said...

No matter how far
I am from home today now
Kit Kats bring me back

-Christina from Michigan

Anonymous said...

Comfort I find
In chocolatey tastiness
Anywhere I roam

Couldnt resist, just had to write another one.. those unique flavor's you've collected, have my inspired :P

-Christina from Michigan

Kerri from CT said...

Here are a few:

strange crunchy flavor
awakens my dull palate
expect explosion


Katie says "no eat
milk chocolate" but will sniff
new exciting scents


Let's stop the chit chat
so I can eat my Kit Kat.
nom nom nom nom nom

Kelipso said...

Cletus wants Kit Kats!
Baby in my tum craves them!
Send to Hawaii!


taulya said...

I am hungry
Can not use chopsticks.
They fall.
taulya at hotmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Talking is real cheap
When you have a kit kat there
Just give up the goods

Christina from Michigan again!

littlepurpleroom said...

Midnight internet cruise
the call of the giveaway
craving kit kat love

haven't done this since high school. Thanks

Courtney Woodworth said...

chocolate cookie
Japan makes them in all kinds
Gi-gin love to buy

I'm not very good at this... but hope it works.

razberiswrl said...

Make my butt grow large
Many cool flavors abroad
Want to try Kit-Kat

Jenna said...

Kit Kats are so fun
I've only tried the Chocolate ones
Would love to try more

I'm definately not a poet, but thought I would give it a try! haha!


mandy_Reeves said...

pass the chop sticks now
kobe is japanese cow

foreign kit kats wow!

strange kit kats, my fave!

their odd flavors I do crave!

make a ketchup flavor!

pass the chopsticks please

my fave food is japanese

give me some kit kats

land of rising sun

your japanese blog is fun

you are kit kat queen

kit kats to savor

matcha is a great flavor

I hope I win some

I hate to be bold

I'd like to win an egg mold

Oh, and kit kats too

her shelves are loaded

and soon my mailbox will be

with katies kit kats

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
My kids and I enjoy your show and tell video soooo much. I got to know you through Terri. Your finds in Japan are always of big help with my looking for something amazing to send my friends in USA. Thanks for sharing this good point of view. Please keep updating the good finds for us.


My3Ro's said...

Kit-Kats are really great,
Seduce hubs with them is my fate,
With them as my bait.